On Board "Oh Buoy"

On Board "Oh Buoy"

Adventure in Berowra waters, Sydney, NSW


It was a journey of connection, relaxation, and exploration - a memory we'll hold forever.

Arriving in the late afternoon at Berowra Marina, we were warmly greeted by our friendly host. With a welcoming smile, our host guided us across the calm waters of the bay, leading the way to our floating haven for the next two nights, the charming 1970's houseboat 'Oh Buoy.'

Once we had settled in and unpacked our belongings, our first adventure was calling - standup paddle boarding. The calm waters proved to be ideal for beginners as we glided across the surface, taking in the beauty of our surroundings. We couldn't resist the allure of the nearby cove, and we jumped in for a refreshing swim in the shallow waters.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm orange glow over the tranquil waters, our two-night stay on board the houseboat "Oh Buoy" really began. Toasting to the setting sun, with a cheese platter and a cocktail, we felt truly relaxed and inspired.

On the first morning, we awoke to the gentle lapping of waves against the houseboat's sides. Enjoying a warm coffee in bed followed by a hearty breakfast of warm pancakes and sourdough bread - we were ready for the day.

Next, we hopped into our kayak, paddling through shallow waters, discovering hidden alcoves, and spotting an eagle along the way.

The highlight of the day was motoring "Ginger" up river, uncovering hidden bays surrounded by the beauty of the national park.

Beyond the adventures and exploration, there were those tranquil moments when board games, music, and the irresistible comforts of the hammock and sun loungers on deck became our companions. Here, we lost ourselves in the pages of a good book, letting the world pass by, a gentle reminder of the magic of relaxation.

On our final morning, the sunrise bathed the cove in a soft, golden light. We sipped coffee on deck, savouring the moment, reluctant to leave the serenity of "Oh Bouy" behind.

As our two-night stay came to an end, we carried not just the memories of adventures, but the sense of rejuvenation that only a houseboat like "Oh Bouy" could provide. It was a journey of connection, relaxation, and exploration - a memory we'll hold forever.