August 2015

In August 2015 we took a 2 week trip to Rarotonga the main islands of the Cook Islands. Our time was mostly spent underwater diving the beautiful reef that surrounds the entire island. We were blown away by the clarity of the water sometimes ranging from 40-70 meters in the deeper waters. Our favourite spot to dive was the SS Mai Thi ship wreck, an 800m return swim just off the main township. It was an underwater playground to us with fun little swim throughs and a different seascape to explore. The fish life was pretty special. At one point Jade was completely surrounded by tropical fish that perfectly aligned for a clear shot. Another highlight was swimming with the many turtles in Ava Avaura passage.
This was one of the best holidays we have had so far and we hope you enjoy the photos. 

Featured in Lagoon To The Moon, Issue Two



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